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Blood Orange Hot Sauce

Blood Orange Hot Sauce

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Introducing our irresistible Blood Orange Hot Sauce, where sweet meets spicy in perfect harmony. Crafted with care, this gluten-free and preservative-free sauce adds a moreish bite to any meal. At Killer Condiments, we believe in creating exceptional taste experiences. 

Our Blood Orange Hot Sauce embodies our commitment to quality and flavour, appealing to discerning food lovers who crave bold and complex tastes. Revel in the tantalising fusion of vibrant capsicum, fiery chilli, and the natural sweetness of blood oranges. Transform your meals into extraordinary culinary delights that leave you yearning for more. From grilled meats to tacos and roasted vegetables, each drop of our hot sauce creates an unforgettable flavour journey.

Ingredients: Our Blood Orange Hot Sauce is crafted with capsicum, vinegar, chilli, sugar, blood orange (11%), water, salt, tapioca starch, and xanthan gum. 

Additional Info:

  • No gluten added.
  • Preservative-free.

Heat level:

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