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Full range of Killer Condiments artisanal sauces – Chimichurri, Blood Orange Hot Sauce, Sticky Soy, and Crispy Chilli Oil – elegantly presented in stylish display dishes, accompanied by an assortment of spoons, fresh herbs, and garlic, inviting adventurous food bloggers and gourmet enthusiasts to a world of vibrant and exotic flavors.

The Killer Story.

Killer is an artisan condiment company hailing from Southern Sydney, founded by your neighbourhood butcher and local chef. With years of experience and a vast knowledge base to draw upon - whether you're dipping, lathering or drowning your food in it, you're guaranteed a sledgehammer of flavour that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Casually starting in a small store kitchen as experimental sauce makers, quickly saw Killer amass a cult community following. Commencing small batch productions by hand, there was no recipe we would not try. Embraced by our devoted, local customer base, repeat sales made it abundantly clear which products would form our debut range, the best sellers: Sticky Soy, Blood Orange Hot Sauce, Crispy Chilli Oil and Chimichurri.

Fast forward to now, and our range has grown. Pine Lime Hot Sauce and the intensified Supercharged Crispy Chilli Oil have made their delectable mark, echoing the same promise of quality and taste adventure.

We pride ourselves on our product development from the conception to the completion of a tried & tested recipe - providing an exceptional level of care and consideration to each batch we create. 

Thanks to the overwhelming love from our community, Killer has found its way into countless homes, becoming an irreplaceable staple. In the end, every bottle we craft, every sauce we perfect, is a testament to our roots, our journey, and our promise to you.

Dive in, and let your taste buds embark on a culinary voyage that is, without a doubt, dangerously delightful.

Explore, taste, and revel in the Killer experience. It's not just good; it's Killer.

After all, our range is Dangerously good.


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