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Pine Lime Hot Sauce

Pine Lime Hot Sauce

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Dive deep into a tropical escapade with our Pine Lime Hot Sauce, a perfect testament to our relentless pursuit of flavors that ignite the soul. Unveiling layers with each taste, sweet pineapples collide with zesty limes to establish a melodious dance on the palate. But that's only the beginning. The crescendo rises with the fierce kick of habanero, ensuring that every bite has the adventure of the tropics with a fiery finish.

Crafted meticulously for the discerning food aficionados, this sauce is more than a condiment—it's a tale of flavor, beckoning you to explore and relish each drop. Be it seafood or meat, its versatility shines through, and if you're brave, a daring dip awaits to challenge your taste thresholds. Elevate every meal, and allow the Pine Lime Hot Sauce to transport you to sandy beaches and swaying palms. Dive into the delicious abyss, for it’s not just good, it's dangerously delightful.

Ingredients: Pineapple (45%), capsicum, vinegar, lime juice, sugar, fresh habanero, vegetable oil, salt, chili, fresh zest, xanthan gum.

Additional Info:

  • No gluten added.
  • Preservative-free.

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