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Supercharged Crispy Chilli Oil

Supercharged Crispy Chilli Oil

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A bold evolution of our iconic original, the Supercharged Crispy Chilli Oil is a tribute to the die-hard chili aficionados, a testament to our commitment to elevate the classics. At Killer Condiments, we heard your fiery desires and crafted an oil that not only pays homage to its predecessor but raises the stakes to a sizzling zenith.

Drenched in layers of audacious flavor, each spoonful is an adrenaline rush of texture and heat. The formidable habanero, married to the tingling whisper of Sichuan peppercorns, crafts a symphony of crunch, zest, and unapologetic spiciness. Its bolder, it's crunchier, it’s crisper – it's everything you loved in our original chili oil, dialed up to eleven.

Whether you're splashing it over your favorite stir-fry or sneaking a drizzle on your midnight snack, this oil isn't just an accompaniment—it’s a thrill ride for the senses. Venture into the supercharged realm, where tradition embraces audacity, where every bite dares you to crave more. Experience the ultimate crispy chili oil, crafted not just for flavoring, but for celebrating audacious culinary adventures. Dive in, if you dare, because this isn't just good, it's dangerously exhilarating.

Ingredients: Vegetable oil, onion, garlic shallot, gluten-free soy sauce, sesame oil, chili flakes (5%), habanero chili (2%), sesame seeds, black soybean, Sichuan peppercorns, raw sugar, salt, citric acid, xanthan gum.

Additional Info:

  • Contains soy and sesame.
  • No gluten added.
  • Preservative-free.

Heat level:

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